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My family has three brothers. My father two wives. After getting the first wife are 2 siblings born before, when he took his wife to lose my mother. Currently I live with my parents, my two sisters at home with his grandparents, wives married before. Grandfather to my father one garden at home was for my brother. Dad took my mother was born to be one myself, through the process of doing the parents also buy 1 piece of land and housing, among household only me, parents. Please ask your attorney if future parents leave wills not the house I’m in sharing how


Regarding your question, Lawyers advise as follows:

As far as the content you present it in the business, your parents buy one piece of land and build houses so it can be considered as the common property of your parents (if your parents do not agree otherwise )

In principle, each of your parents have the assets corresponding to a value of the house again.

If later you lost parents did not leave a will, the portion of their assets will be divided according to the law of inheritance first row.

First of inheritance include: spouse, father, mother, adoptive father, adoptive mother, adopted children of the deceased (Point c, Clause 1, Article 676. The legal heir – Code Civil 2005)


Those of the first row are entitled to inherit the legacy of the father you are: your mother, your grandparents, you and two siblings his half of you)

Those of the first row are entitled to inherit the legacy of your mother include: your father, your grandparents, you.

Article 635. Heirs – The Civil Code 2005

“Heir to an individual must be alive at the time of opening and redundancy kehoac born alive after the opening of the inheritance but had a pregnancy before the heritage left to die.”

Depending on the specific case (number of people belonging to the first row inheritance alive at the time of the inheritance) that inheritance will enjoy different.

The content you present is not clear, so we can not provide specific advice. You can be based on the advice above to apply in his case.

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