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Dear lawyers! I have a question concerning the divorce to ask the advice lawyers help:

I and my husband and got married after getting nearly 3 Nam.Trong time acquaintance, my parents forbade it was reported that a drug, but because of his promises of a totally made me a message. Last March, I knew I was pregnant with a, for me, I married, my side though not comfortable, the house also told me a go and not a right age to get married on that Statistics are not good flipped a die. Wedding finished, my husband’s family for 2 days and then go home to go to work in their mother. At the same time (right after the wedding takes place), a gradual paralysis, and hemiplegia, all activities are run by a parent to do, I go to work, just last week I new in-laws, then Sunday again go. 1 month after the wedding I have children, I still can not go back, duoc.Trong normal activities at home one month early I married, my husband’s mother always upset with me and my mother (grandmother to take me) because I always believe in taking up the new her son is sick, only my mother and grandfather care, mother and my husband slept only one night, she was loud with my mother when my mother wanted to pick 2 My mother on the convenience of taking soc.Trong this time he got to know each other from now you always lie to me, I really got addicted and those times when I lost money because of his lovers was also taken, His own grandmother also spoke with people who saw him use drugs even during wedding preparation. I was totally devastated and very ill at birth anh.Sau 1 month, I go home at 2 months mother, then the husband was arrested on, I was there one week and get back to work so that the reason for his mother’s house , 1 month after me about it two days because of the wedding, then I come back to his mother’s house has been 2 months now, and he still can not go back to normal life as human being. Really come to him just because her son is key, but knowing the truth about the man you, I had no affection at all but only hatred for him and cheated toi.Bay now I do not want husband came home, I want a divorce with people who deceive themselves but surely he would not agree. So, according to the lawyer, I create unilateral divorce is not? procedure will look like, I would apply where, I do not have identity cards and household registration book he must do? Ability to divorce court will not?

Counsel wish you soon to help me!


Regarding your question, consulting a lawyer’s office as follows:

Under the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article 56. Divorced at the request of a party – marriage and family law in 2014, it:

1. Upon request spouses divorce mediation fails Court, the Court resolved to divorce if there are grounds for the spouses have family violence or serious violations of rights and obligations cases of spouse makes marriage fell into critical condition, common life can not last, the purpose of marriage is not reached.

So if you request a divorce and mediation fails, the court will look to settle the divorce.

Regarding divorce procedures:

You filed for divorce at the district people’s court of residence (permanent or temporary) of your husband.

Basic divorce records include:

- An application for divorce (including the main contents reasons for divorce, problem children, property …)

- Copy of ID (Passport); Hukou (notarized original).

- The original certificate of marriage

- Copy of birth certificate (if child).

- Copies of documents, documents of ownership of assets (if any property dispute).

Time resolved to divorce usually 4 to 6 months.

Without her husband’s ID card and household registration, you can contact the police district where the level of people’s identity and residence of the husband to show cause aspiration to obtain an extract divorce papers or through police confirm the information on the ID card and your husband’s household.

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