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A reader sent a lawyer’s office as follows:

Dear brothers, sisters lawyer! I have some concerns about land inheritance issues, we respectfully request that the siblings counseling help, sir!

- My family has a specific parcel of land was left to my grandparents. My grandfather died, the red book (300m2) in the name of my grandmother alone.

- The land on which the church is used as a general (including 2 warehouse space, 3 main worship space and 1 yard)

- My grandmother was divided among children each 1 land, build a separate house (who also had the red book)

- But my uncle had sold 3 homes for her own purposes.

- I want to pay her May 2 in the church space to build houses. (But the descendants disagree)


+ Land in the name of my grandmother worship among them that have owned their own 1 Mrs me?

+ If everyone in the family does not agree, the grandmother I have the right to own 3 2 Note that the time or not?

+ When the records have required the witness for- get the 3rd person or not?

+ If in the absence of written records, when he built 02 houses over the limit for the time my grandmother, brothers, sisters have the right to sue or not?

Would like the assistance of her brother. Sincerely thank!


Hello Friend,

As the message you present, this house is the common property of the grandparents you, so when you lose him, will arise inheritance, ie 1/2 this house will become legacy. Accordingly, the first in line to inherit are rights to block this heritage, including siblings and her dad’s friend.

So you do not arbitrarily she donated part of the land lies in his legacy that you leave, which should have the opinion of the other co-heirs (children).

If you still decide her, the children have the right to sue to court to dispute. However, these are family affairs, to maintain emotional, we advise you to choose family mediation solution, avoid to go to court.

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