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On 01.28.2015, the Government issued Decree 10/2015 / ND-CP: Regulation on technical birth by in vitro fertilization and surrogacy conditions for humanitarian purposes, with effect from dated 15.03.2015.
Accordingly, from 15/03, infertile couples want technical implementation surrogate for humanitarian purposes will have to submit dossiers of application includes 12 papers to the medical facility authorized to perform technical This Decree 10/2015 / ND-CP.

Within 30 days from the date of receipt of the dossier, the basis for the technical permits surrogacy to have a treatment plan to implement techniques surrogacy.
Where they can not perform this technique, they must reply in writing, clearly stating the reason.
Medical establishments are eligible to be done right technique surrogate for humanitarian purposes, including:
- Central Maternity Hospital;
- Central General Hospital in Hue;
- Tu Du Obstetrics Hospital in HCMC.
Mechanical clinics are permitted to make technical surrogacy consultants to organize medical, legal, psychological for spouses through surrogacy and surrogacy.

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