To provide legal advisory services better for you as well as increasing the depth of each field of law, our law office organization divided into several groups according to the field of counseling, legal regulations (approximate team). Each consultation team with lawyers, legal experts specialized knowledge areas in charge legal consultation and the provision of legal services.

Field of housing law advice (land – housing) is one of the areas we intensive counseling. This area of ​​land by the group Lawyers, Attorneys charge housing. With the experience and knowledge of our lawyer’s office Nguyen Hoang Dung pledged to advise and offer the most effective solutions for customers. At the same time, we will do the best to protect the legitimate rights and interests to you.

VP Lawyer Nguyen Hoang Dung provides Consulting Services Housing Law:


  1. Legal consultant on real estate (land – housing) concerning the legitimacy of records of land use rights, house ownership;
  2. Legal consultant on real estate (land – housing) related drafting and negotiating purchase contracts, transfer, lease …
  3. Legal consultant on real estate (land – housing) the administrative procedures for the granting of land and property LURC works, housing …
  4. Housing law advice (land – housing) related to inheritance;
  5. Legal consultancy for businesses and organizations on applying for leased land;
  6. Legal counseling on demand for the land use rights custodians, allowing for temporary housing ;
  7. Legal counseling on housing (land – housing) with foreign elements
  8. Legal counseling on claims for compensation and the related financial obligations housing empire (land – housing).


Related to the field of resolving land disputes – housing, we have learned:

  1. Resolving land disputes on determining who is the owner, lawful use of land (land – housing);
  2. Land Dispute Settlement determine the rights and obligations of the parties to the contract of assignment, conversion, donation, land mortgage – housing;
  3. Settlement of disputes inheritance, marital property dispute
  4. Resolving disputes requires land, housing
  5. Resolving land disputes about boundaries, boundaries of land – housing;
  6. Resolving land disputes about division of common property or property the couple’s land – housing;
  7. Resolving Disputes over compensation and resettlement when the State recovers land, property on the land;
  8. Resolving land disputes about business cooperation and contribute capital using land use rights, property on the land ….

Law Office Nguyen Hoang Dung provides litigators services – settlement of disputes related to real estate (land – housing) at the court level, including:

  1. Housing law advice on how to resolve the dispute, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the parties to the dispute. Given the specific plan the most profitable in the process of negotiation, mediation (if any);
  2. Guiding and advising clients lawsuit procedures, statutes of limitations, conditions for initiating, as the subject and compose the petition submitted to the competent court. Recommendations agencies conducting legal proceedings relating to the promulgation of the decision not to due process, order … Affect the legitimate rights and interests of customers.
  3. Conduct investigations gathering evidence – documents, examine and evaluate evidence – documents to be submitted before the Court;
  4. Drafting applications, requests and other relevant documents to the applicants;
  5. Participate in the proceedings as a defense attorney, protect the legitimate rights and interests to clients at all levels of court cases related to housing:
  6. Participate in the proceedings as a representative on behalf of clients Commissioner to- implement all the plans and the manner prescribed by law to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the customer in the best way in the court granted.

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“The success of our customers is the success of the Office of Lawyer Nguyen Hoang Dung”

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