ADVICE GUARANTEE fiance – fiancee

ADVICE GUARANTEE fiance – fiancee

Guarantees fiancee / fiance guarantee faster or slower than the couple?

In principle, the application for the guarantee fiancée / fiancé will be solved faster than average spouse guarantee from 3 to 6 months. Guarantees spouses, if they want to go faster by guaranteeing fiancee / wife, must apply for a visa again adding called a K-3 visa to the US sooner. However, an application to sponsor fiancée / fiancé US Consulate often considered more severe; hence the denial will also guarantee more applications spouses entrants. In addition, respondents in Vietnam must also know how to answer the questions of the staff interviewed.

So, which way should I choose? Guarantees according spouse or fiancé / fiancée?

The answer depends on the case and the individual circumstances of each person. Not necessarily guarantee document fiancee / fiance would have been denied the application. If the applicant complete and correct procedure, you are not afraid of the Consulate refused to issue visas.

What do I need to guarantee conditions fiancee / fiance?

1. You must be a US citizen. If only the green card, you do not have the right to guarantee fiancée.

2. You must have proof that two people who meet at least once in the past 2 years.

If the last time met was over 2 years, you will not qualify.

3. You need to present to the Department of Immigration evidence to prove that this is not a fake marriage with the intention to bring other countries to the US people live. USCIS will waive conditions to meet two people if you can prove that there are elements of religion and culture does not allow the two met, or if you can prove that the story about meeting is «extremely difficulties »(extreme Hardship) for you. However, Citizenship and Immigration Services in the strict definition of what is “extreme Hardship.»

4. You need to have enough financial condition to guarantee.

5. Two people have been free to marry.

6. married couple must do within 90 days fiancée / wife to America.

I was in Vietnam, married, and has filed for divorce, the court will have a divorce judgment within a few weeks. During this time, I have become familiar with a US citizen. He can apply patronize me by the US as a fiancée or not?

Not. Only when you’ve got the ultimate decision of the court about your divorce, new ICA review your visa application.

I pass the US as a fiancée, I have been allowed to leave the US and return to the US before underwriting procedures or not?

You have the right to leave the country at any time, but with a fiancée visa, you are not allowed back to the US. If entrants fiancée over here, and want to travel outside the US, you must apply for a travel permit, called Advance Parole (I-131). Typically, this application filed simultaneously with the application for a green card. Advance Parole is usually issued before a green card, allowing you to travel outside the US while waiting for a green card.

My fiancée visa to the United States, I could not marry for many reasons, and I returned to Vietnam before my visa expires. Can I get back to the US as a fiancée again?

Torch. If you stay in the US within the visa that allows it to return to Vietnam, you can across the US with a visa again for the fiancée, Own your old fiancée apply again. In case you change your mind later, someone else fiancée guarantee, you can still pass the US again, as long as you submit your application has all the conditions required by immigration.

My fiancée last person to America, stayed with me some breakfast and then went off, not a marriage license. If I denounce this to the Immigration Office, why?

If the Department of Immigration have enough evidence that this person defrauded you and Immigration Department to be the United States, who will not be able to obtain a green card in the future, and may be deported from the United States.

I am from Vietnam over the US as a fiancée. But after the last few weeks here, we do not fit together and decided not to marry. I get to stay in the United States?

Not. You must return to Vietnam when your visa expires. Although later you marry a husband / wife are US citizenship, USCIS still require you to return to Vietnam in considering bail application by the husband / wife named new sponsor unless you there is good reason to ask the Department of Immigration allows you to stay in the US for processing time.

My fiancée entrants guaranteed, but after over here, we do not do marriage within 90 days as fixed laws. Now we decided a marriage license, but my visa has expired, what should I do?

Workarounds, depending on many factors. You should see an immigration lawyer to help you stay. I did get a visa through the US as a fiancée and next month will be a flight to the United States. I have a child 15 years old. I can not go with me to the United States next month. Thus, he can go his own future is not one?

Okay, if I have the name of the guarantee papers from scratch, and also together with your visa. However, I have to pass the US within one year from the date you through America. If more than one year, you must apply for a visa for the child, and will take more time.

If the Application for Guarantee fiancee / fiance were Consulate refused, what should I do?

If records were Consulate refused to issue visas, your profile will be returned to the Department of Immigration (USCIS). USCIS will return the file to you. Typically, this procedure lasts all year until you are refunded records. When recently received notification that your visa application is denied, you have the right to complain immediately to the Consulate as well as with the Department of Immigration. You also have the right to provide additional evidence against the Consulate reason to refuse a visa. Now you should do a marriage license, then apply for the guarantee under the covers spouses.

When my fiancee over to America, I should do?

Within 90 days, you have a marriage license. Then the guarantee must apply for a green card and spouses. You should also refer to an immigration office to know how to prepare papers to no trouble later in the interview for a green card. Where «the right of space» often happens, and we know many couples are unjust application is rejected, then to complain to the Department of Immigration is very expensive.

I pass the US as a fiancée, I have been authorized to work in the United States?

A case very rarely happens that immigration officers at the airport stamped visa allows you to work when you are in America with fiancée visa. But this license lasts just 90 days. Besides this case, when you’re over here with fiancée area, if you want to go to work, you must apply for a work permit (Employment Authorization Document or called EAD card). Like travel permits (Advance Parole), you should submit an application to work generally with the green card application. Typically, you will receive a card that allows to work before getting a green card.

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