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My wife and I conflicted, separated by 7.8 years, now I want to get divorced his new wife, but my wife did not agree to sign a form to apply to a court settlement. So now I ask the lawyer to do to divorce?


When conjugal conflict, the purpose of marriage is not reached, then you can unilaterally divorce stipulated in article 56 of the Law on Marriage and Family No. 52/2014 / QH13 of May 19 06, 2014 “Article 56. Separated Kiss at the request of a party

1. Upon request spouses divorce mediation fails Court, the Court resolved to divorce if there are grounds for the spouses have family violence or serious violations of rights and obligations cases of spouse makes marriage fell into critical condition, common life can not last, the purpose of marriage is not reached. ”

You need to do a divorce together with the following documents:

Certified copy of marriage registration certificate

Authenticated copy of identity card, household registration;

Certified copies of birth certificates of children (if any)

Authenticated copy of documents proving Papers common property spouses (if applicable)

The court is the court accepting applications where you reside wife

The petition must contain the following details:

a) The date of making;

b) Name of the court receiving the request;

c) Name and address of the applicant;

d) The name and address of the person with rights and interests are protected, if any;

e) The name and address of the wife;

e) The name and address of the person whose rights and obligations involved, if any;

g) The specific issues require the Court to settle for his wife, who have rights and obligations related;

h) names and addresses of witnesses, if any.

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